Nittany Taxi - Taxi I ordered in advance was over 20 minutes late & rude customer service

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I ordered a taxi from a bus station in State College (I was returning home from out of town by bus) to my home. Knowing that often there are not enough cabs in State College, and that this being a Friday and a holiday and things might get busy, I called 2 hours in advance, in order to make sure I had a way to get home from where my bus stops. They assured me that they would be able to take my order and even claimed to have checked their schedule. And I also called 15 minutes before, to let them know I was going to be at the station in 15 minutes. They assured me that they would be there.

Well, they were not. In fact, I waited for them for over 20 minutes (during which I made several calls to them, and was assured each time they were on their way) until eventually I took another cab.

In addition, their phone representative that I spoke with was very rude to me. He kept saying how it wasn't their fault because a lot of students were leaving town and needed rides, and they for some reason had priority because they had buses to catch, etc! So first of all-WHAT? Why is this relevant or my concern? I called them 2 hours ago. If you knew you wouldn't be able to take my order they should have said so, and if they already were obligated to me then they should have been there, or at least let me know in advance (i.e., when I called them again 15 minutes before my bus arrived) that I should be making other arrangements. Instead, they kept telling me how they were on their way.

To add insult to injury, when I said that I was a regular customer, that person started arguing with me, and insisting that if I truly was such, I would have known what that the color of their van was. I found that beyond rude, and also a little ridiculous. (Or am I supposed to keep track of all their vehicles and their color now?) And why am I being given tests after I had to wait out in the cold for the taxi I ordered 2 hours, 2 WHOLE HOURS in advance?

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